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Class of 1974 45th Reunion

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Greetings classmates,

The purpose of this letter is to update you with our plans for our 45th reunion, October 3-6, 2019 in Annapolis.

First I want to thank my fellow class officers Skip Stocknick, Earle Babcock, and Roger McEvoy. They have invested a great deal of their time and energy to support us all and it is with heartfelt gratitude that I acknowledge their efforts.  Wally Elger has also been working hard to ensure this is a memorable event and I express my appreciation to him as well.

First and foremost in the planning was the feedback from past reunions and the number one complaint was the cost. Our cost this year will be the same as our 40th: $174 per person which is considerably lower than the reunion costs for our upperclassmen (’71, ’72, ’73). The golf ($100) and Football tickets are not included.  To hold the cost down we went with a cash bar on Friday evening. On Saturday, beer, wine, and Bloody Mary’s are included and a cash bar will be available. Saturday’s tailgate will be inside the stadium so you need a ticket to the football game to attend the tailgate. Information on ordering game tickets is attached.

Reunion registration is available at  . However, it is very important you are registered on that site. Following this letter are the instructions on how to register.

Second, please think about serving your class as a class officer. Skip will be stepping down as Vice President after faithfully serving our class for the past 15 years. However, all offices are up for grabs for anyone wanting to put their name on the ballot. If you are interested in any office please let Roger know. Right now Roger has agreed to run for Secretary, Earle for Treasure, and I am willing to run again for President.

We do have ’74 memorabilia available at the link below. It has been opened for "Early Bird" shopping.  Orders placed by the April 14th deadline will be delivered well before the reunion.  After April 14th, the web site will remain open for ordering and receiving merchandise closer to the reunion.  Three documents follow: The Schedule, how to update your USNA account so you will be able to register, and how to order football tickets.

John Yaeger


Thursday 3 October
0730-1600 Midshipmen Store Hours
0900-1700 Visitor Center Hours
0900-1700 Museum Hours
1200-1215 Noon Meal Formation
TBD Informal No-Host Cocktail Reception Location TBD

Friday 4 October
0730-1600 Midshipmen Store Hours
0800-1200 Golf at Renditions
0900-1700 Visitor Center Hours
0900-1700 Museum Hours
1200-1215 Noon Meal Formation
1350-1500 Superintendent Briefing and Alumni Association Welcome to all classes
1600-1715 Dress Parade on Worden Field
1915-2030 Jewish Service in Levy Center
2000-2359 Reception The Westin Annapolis Hotel Saturday

5 October
0730-1200 Midshipmen Store Hours
0900-1700 Museum Hours
0900-1700 Visitor Center Hours
TBD Tailgate in the N Star Room
TBD Navy VS Air Force Sunday

6 October
0900-1700 USNA Visitor Center Hours
0900-1000 Catholic Service (Main Chapel)
1000-1100 Memorial Service in the Levy Center
1100-1200 Farewell Lunch in King Hall
1100-1700 Museum Hours
1100-1215 Protestant Service (Main Chapel)

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What a reunion, what a turnout, what a class! Our 40th reunion is in the books. We had great weather, a great football game and I'm sure most had a truly great time reconnecting with classmates, some that we hadn't seen in decades.

Class Officers

President: John Yaeger

Vice President: Skip Stocknick

Treasurer: Earle Babcock

Secretary: Roger McEvoy

The class has purchased a "RED Perimeter" parking pass that allows access not only to the parking lot for football games, but allows you to park right at the class perimeter tailgate spot.   There is one pass per game that is available to class members at a cost of $30 per game.  If you would like to utilize this pass, please email me at wstocknick (at)

Skip Stocknick
USNA 74 Vice President

It Starts With You: Turn Your Goals Into Success by Fred Stuvek Jr.


Classmate and author Ken Dunn:- "I want to remind you that my book, "Camp Lejeune Command," is out and doing well. Although it covers the period 1992 - 1995 when I commanded an artillery battalion at Camp Lejeune, the setting is USNA and our great Class of 1974. I sent a note over to Roger McElvoy, our Class Secretary, to put the word out in Shipmate, but he may have a backlog and you won't learn about the book for a while. Folks who have read it tell me it is an 'excellent read.' I say it is high time we begin to document our times, the good and the challenging. "Camp Lejeune Command" will look good under your Christmas tree."



Heroes Lost and Now Found Vol II - Author Ron Wilson is offering complimentary copies of this book to any interested alumni. Heroes Lost and Now Found- focuses on graduates of the USNA who died during World War II. All the books are in a large 9 x 12 format (similar to a yearbook) and include numerous photographs and illustrations, as well as excerpts from historical Lucky Bags, Logs, and Tridents. Here is a link to his website, which provides more information on the series- Any interested alumni can contact him at:

Does your school let you do this?

YouTube video

Plebe Year Plus 3
By Shawn Smith '74
Reflections from 1st Class Year

Served and still serving...
Classmates involved with non-profits
To get your organization listed contact the webmaster (at)

Operation Support Our Troops (OSOT)
Dear Classmates,
In the past you have heard me talk about Operation Support Our Troops and many of you have helped out. We are now working on a big project. I have gotten and attached a brochure (or see the website) about the project to buy a van for a wounded Marine and Soldier. Our goal is to buy two vans this year and hopefully two a year in the future. The vans will be for wheel-chair bound warriors who need these full size conversion vans to accommodate a wheel chair and a wheel chair lift. The goal is to raise $100,000 a year. We are looking for individuals and corporations to step up and make donations. We are a 501(c)(3) organization for tax deduction purposes. If you can help us get the word out to your center of influence, it would be appreciated.

Steve Middleton


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