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Last Call


Eternal Father, strong to save,
Whose arm hath bound the restless wave,
Who bidd’st the mighty ocean deep
It’s own appointed limits keep:
O hear us when we cry to Thee,
For those in peril on the sea.

James Aldon

Raymond M. Anderson
Ronnie Ayers

Fredrick J. Ball

Charles M. Baucom

William Barltett

Doyle H. Beam

Robert M. Becker

Vernon E. Berg

Andy Borchardt
Stanley J. Boyd
Daniel Burns

Kevin Butler

Frank E. Cohee III

William Coligan
Stephen N. Coley
James F. Cowdery

Theodore A. Coyle

Richard Cranney

Emory (Joe) Derrick

Dan Driscoll
James V. Dunning

Thomas J. Evans

Timothy (Scott) Evans

Walter (Dave, aka "Huck") Finn

Kevin Flannery

John M. Franklin

Allen R. Glenny

Thomas Goodman
Thomas C. Hansted

James Hazlett
William L. Heckman

Howard E. Hill

Daniel P. Howar

Larry F. Hyett
Kolin Jan

Rick Jensen
Stephen P. Kane

Stephen G. Labarre
William G. Lemaster
John "Sparky" Lersch

Bruce Lewis

Jon Lund

Chris MacMurray

John P. MacSwain

John Mahon

Tony Marino

David "Bear" Marra

Charles Martin

William B. Masterson

Ken McBrayer
Gary K. McDonald
Patrick McKay

Thomas McMullen

Rod McQueen

Randy A. Mikal

Jack Mills

Richard P. Montgomery
Louis Morris

Joseph Krist Mudge, Jr.

Scott G. Nicholls

Anthony F. Phelps

Mark M. Plasket

Robert J. Quaranto

Michael Solger

David "Dai" Spickett, Jr.

Harry Spies

Robert Stengle

Jim Stevens

David Stone 
F. Arthur Stout III
Tim Supko

Robert G. Thrasher

Christopher J. Timmes

Robert R. Turner

Wiley J. Voorhies

Christopher D. Wager

Robert J. "Bobby Joe" Walters

J. L Ward

Carl D. Westfal
Charles E. Whitehurst Jr.

If you have any family approved obits or eulogies, citations, stories, memories, or photos that you would like to add to any of our fallen let me know and I'll link their photo to their own page, sort of a an electronic "DESCANSOS," or roadside memorial.

If I've mismatched any photos with names or if you see your photo here and would like it removed please let me know.


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