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40th Reunion - 6th Company

Photos for 6th Company at 40th Reunion in Annapolis October 25, 2014--14 of 15 attendees in picture. 15 of 28 from 6th Company attended--53%. From: 2 Houston, 1 Gulf Breeze FL, 1 Flagstaff, 1 Sacramento, 1 Los Angeles, 1 San Diego, 1 Kansas City, 1 Williamsburg, 1 Raleigh, 1 Tampa, 1 Norfolk, 1 Cleveland, 1 Vienna VA

Standing L to R: Mark Johnson, Lee Harris, Frank Cina, Dan Marusa, Andy Andrews, Steve Jasper, Kevin Obrien, and Don Weiss. Seated L to R: Dave Evans, Wayne Cliburn, Jeff Buehrle, Bob Culler, John Curtiss, and Gary Graupmann. Floyd Weaver not in picture

Standing L to R: Connie Weiss, Karen Andrews, Lynn Graupmann, Christina Buehrle Seated L to R: Kathleen Johnson, Jeannie Marusa, Sunny Evans, Rosemary Jasper, Charlene Curtiss, and Anne Obrien



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