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Class of 1974 45th Reunion

Great reunion, fantastic game!
Send in photos or other reunion material for posting.

1st Company
Seating (left to right): Stu Ashton, Ben Wachendorf, Steve Hendricks, Jeb Stewart
Standing (left to right): Tom Cole, Charlie Robinson, Tim Meyers, Jeff Kramer, Mark Langerman, Steve Endacott

6th Company
Left to right: Kevin O’brien, Bob Culler, Don Weiss, Dave Evans, Frank Cina, Dan Marusa, Andy Andrews, Jeff Buehrle, and Steve Jasper.

9th Company
Seated l-r Ken Marr, Bill Muesing, Bill Mason, Bill Rogerson
Standing. Jim Clifford, Tom Minor, Rob Waltenbaugh, Tim Gilbert

9th Company +
Seated l-r : Tracy&Bill Muesing, Evelyn Marr, Martha Reed, Barb Gilbert, Lorna Rogerson, Barb Clifford, Vickie Waltenbaugh
Standing: Tim Gilbert, Bill Mason, Ken Marr, Kim&Tom Minor, Bill Rogerson, Jim Clifford, Rob Waltenbaugh

11th Company
Front Row: Jim Fitzsimons, Lee Hutchison, Dennis Crowe, Don Baldwin, Steve Brookman, Dave Johnson
Back Row: Jay Wertz, Mike Miller, Herschel Smith, Walt Donovan, Dave Higginbotham, Eric Carlson, Forrest (Tree) Kick

23rd Company



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