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USNA ’74 Class Leadership Communication Practices

USNA 74 leadership uses different vehicles to keep class members apprised of planned events, important dates, USNA News, and important milestones in the lives of classmates. We choose to embrace the Naval Academy values, shared herewith, as guiding principles for our communication practices:

Naval Academy Values
We are guided by the same values as our Navy and Marine Corps:

We are honest in our communications and actions. We treat one another with dignity and respect. We serve others selflessly and we live with integrity.

We honor our rich naval heritage by our courageous pursuit of excellence in all our endeavors.

We live by high standards and hold each other accountable to these high standards.

The primary social media vehicle through which official communications are transmitted is the class website entitled US Naval Academy Class of 1974 ( This site was developed as a class initiative. It is maintained by a Class member, and is underwritten with class funds. Content on this website is managed by class leadership.

Additionally, there are Facebook websites created by classmates which enable real-time exchange of news and opinion regarding USNA and maritime affairs. These Facebook pages are maintained and administered by individual class members, and encourage the free exchange of ideas and opinions. Facebook is occasionally used by Class Leadership to communicate updates to classmates on event planning and classmate news. The Leadership group does not endorse any particular page, nor do the views expressed by classmates on these pages necessarily represent those of class leadership or the Naval Academy Alumni Association.

We encourage classmates who engage in dialogue on Facebook in these sites to exhibit behavior and language consistent with the Naval Academy Values and the wardroom etiquette we all learned as Ensigns and 2nd Lieutenants.

John Yaeger President
Rusty Yeiser Vice President
Earle Babcock Treasurer
Roger McEvoy - Secretary

Another Link in the Chain (ALITC)

As stated in our Reef Points:
Now these are the laws of the Navy,
Unwritten and varied they be;
And he that is wise will observe them,
Going down in his ship to the sea;
On the strength of one link in the cable,
Dependeth the might of the chain.
Who knows when thou mayest be tested?
So live that thou bearest the strain!

Another Link in the Chain (ALITC) has been the newer tradition of linking the USNA Classes to the USNA Class 50 years their junior. Class of 1974 is therefore linked to the in-coming USNA Class of 2024. Coordinated by the USNA Alumni Association, there are a series of events and opportunities for the Class of 1974 to interact with the Class of 2024 throughout their 4-year journey. We will be forwarding notes concerning ways for you to participate and contribute. Because of the current state of affairs here in Annapolis, events of Graduation week have been cancelled and the actual I-Day remains under consideration. However, here is how you can participate NOW!

1) Many of the Parent/Alumni Chapters are scheduling "send-offs" for the Class of 2024, and are asking IF there are Class of 1974 Alumni available to be present. Some of these events are already planned as "virtual." ACTION: Make contact with your local USNA Chapters (Alumni or Parents Group) to see if there are scheduled events that you can support. If yes - please let the Class Officers (and me) know. (The USNA Parent Clubs do not report to the Alumni Assoc, so it might take a couple internet searches to get connected) We are preparing a Class of 1974 ppt that might help tell OUR story. We have already received requests for Class of 1974 to participate in events with: - USNA South Texas Parents Club - USNAA Alamo Chapter - USNA Arizona Parents Club - USNAA Puget Sound - USNAA San Diego

2) When/If I-Day happens this summer; and depending on what restrictions remain in place on that day .. we (Class of 1974) may be asked to participate in a reception for the parents and welcome to the MIDN. ACTION: Request positive RSVPs to attend I-Day reception when dates are confirmed (currently scheduled for Thursday 25 June 2020).

3) If the summer program proceeds to a point of having Parent's Weekend, we may be asked to participate in the event to distribute Honor Coins (shown above) to the Class of 2024. ACTION: Request positive RSVPs to attend Honor Day when dates are confirmed. Being on staff at USNA, I am listening to the daily conversations concerning the options to get the Class of 2020 graduated, summer training into effect, and the Class of 2024 onboard. Most of these plans are still under consideration, and we will remain flexible and supportive of the mission, as it is laid out by the Superintendent. If you have particular questions, or response to the ACTIONs above, please feel free to contact me.

Thank You

Go Navy!

Doug Rau 747168

ALITC rep (


Class Officers

President: John Yaeger

Vice President: Rusty Yeiser

Treasurer: Earle Babcock

Secretary: Roger McEvoy


2020 Navy Football Schedule

Overall 3-4 AAC 3-2

Date   Opponent Time(ET)
Sep. 7
University of BYU Logo Brigham Young University Annapolis, MD L 3-55
Sep. 12
Lafayette College Logo Lafayette College Cancelled due to Covid19 Cancelled
Sep. 19
Tulane University Logo at Tulane University New Orleans, La. W 27-24
Sep. 26
Oct. 3
Air Force Academy Logo at Air Force Falcons USAF Academy, Colo L7-40

Oct. 10

Temple University Logo Temple UniversityNavy-Marine Corps Mem. Stadium, Annapolis W 31-29
Oct. 17
East Carolina University Logo at East Carolina University Greenville, N.C. W 27-23
Oct. 24
University of Houston Logo University of Houston Navy-Marine Corps Mem. Stadium, Annapolis L 21-37
Oct. 31
Southern Methodist University Logo at Southern Methodist University Dallas, Texas L 37-51
Nov. 21
University of South Florida Logo at University of South Florida Tampa, Fla. Cancelled
Nov. 28
University of Memphis Logo University of Memphis Navy-Marine Corps Mem. Stadium, Annapolis TBA
Dec. 5
University of Tulsa Logo University of Tulsa Navy-Marine Corps Mem. Stadium, Annapolis TBA
Dec. 12
Army Logo Army Black Knights West Point 15:00
Dec. 19
  AAC Championship Game (if Navy is in)  


To Hoist a Symbol Hue by Larry Turner

It Starts With You: Turn Your Goals Into Success by Fred Stuvek Jr.


Classmate and author Ken Dunn:- "I want to remind you that my book, "Camp Lejeune Command," is out and doing well. Although it covers the period 1992 - 1995 when I commanded an artillery battalion at Camp Lejeune, the setting is USNA and our great Class of 1974. I sent a note over to Roger McElvoy, our Class Secretary, to put the word out in Shipmate, but he may have a backlog and you won't learn about the book for a while. Folks who have read it tell me it is an 'excellent read.' I say it is high time we begin to document our times, the good and the challenging. "Camp Lejeune Command" will look good under your Christmas tree."



Heroes Lost and Now Found Vol II - Author Ron Wilson is offering complimentary copies of this book to any interested alumni. Heroes Lost and Now Found- focuses on graduates of the USNA who died during World War II. All the books are in a large 9 x 12 format (similar to a yearbook) and include numerous photographs and illustrations, as well as excerpts from historical Lucky Bags, Logs, and Tridents. Here is a link to his website, which provides more information on the series- Any interested alumni can contact him at:

Plebe Year Plus 3
By Shawn Smith '74
Reflections from 1st Class Year



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